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A major pillar of the CBI is the Traffic Lab, which is led by CBI Associate Director
Dr. Hanna Maoh.

The Traffic Lab maintains sophisticated software, data and hardware including sensing resources to conduct cutting edge research. As a world class research facility, the lab’s overarching goal is to generate information that can lead to improved traffic performance at Canada-US border crossings.

Traffic Lab Features:

Video wall consisting of eight 47” LED Panasonic panels to display and analyze traffic in real time; RTMS radar sensors to detect and record border traffic in the Windsor region, several high-end computers, workstations, and fiber network connection with a powerful server and data storage array to enable the execution of computationally intensive traffic simulations and the storage of big data in timely fashion; up-to-date specialized software including, but not limited to, EMME 4.0.1, VISSIM 6.0 and ArcGIS 10.2 to promote cutting edge transportation research.

Traffic Lab Projects:

Analysis of the Herb Gray Parkway and DRIC Bridge infrastructure on the performance of the Windsor-Essex road network; assessing vulnerability, criticality and resilience in Southern Ontario freight networks; collection and analysis of a nation-wide micro-level business establishment commercial vehicle movement data; optimal tolls for competing bridges with highway network congestion effects; real-time analysis/simulation and short-term prediction of commercial crossing times; big data analysis of over 1.5 billion records from GPS transponders in trucks; assessing the potential benefits of increased use of RFID technologies at border inspection plazas; development of a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model to assess the full economic impacts of border crossing policies.