Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) or Commercial Invoice

The importer uses the CCI to pay the seller for the goods.

The exporter uses the CCI to collect payment from the buyer.

 You Need 2 Copies of the Canadian Customs Invoice
  • One is attached to the shipment at customs
  • The other is attached to the bill of landing

Can I use a standard Commercial Invoice?

You can use a Commercial Invoice in place of a CCI as long as you include the following information:

  • The exporter’s full name, address and country
  • The importer’s full name and address
  • A detailed description of the goods in the shipment
  • Net and gross weight
  • Unit price of each item (using the currency of settlement)
  • Currency used for payment of the goods
  • The agreed upon terms of delivery and payment
  • The date the goods went in transit
  • Reference numbers (purchaser’s order number)
  • Import licence (if applicable)
  • Freight charges/insurance