Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) allow you to pay little to no duties on the goods you import.

The Free Trade Agreement we will be using is the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA for short. NAFTA covers trade between Canada, the US and Mexico, this is the NAFTA region.

Because of this agreement, Canada, the US and Mexico can trade goods with each other and pay little to no duties.

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How Do I Get Lower Duty Rates?

Goods that are grown, made, produced and or manufactured in the NAFTA region may qualify for lower duty rates.

To pay lower duty rates, you must prove to customs that the goods you purchased are from the NAFTA region. The seller (exporter) will provide you with a NAFTA Certificate of Origin proving the goods are from the NAFTA region. Although the seller will give you this document, your customs broker will review the document to make sure all the information is correct.

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